Aid ships sailing to Gaza and will not be deterred

Aid ships sailing to Gaza and will not be deterred


Co-founder of the pro-Palestinian, international Free Gaza organization, Greta Berlin denied reports that the ship had changed course and was heading back to Ireland maintaining that a passenger had been misquoted during an interview


After the intentional Israeli military massacre on the Mira Marmara ship on the high seas to send a message to nonviolent activists and the international community, the Irish ship had cruised for days in the Mediterranean without heading full steam toward Gaza


Berlin alleged that their satellite contacts have been disconnected with the “Rachel Corrie” and the organizers were striving to make radio contact with the ship to be able to give an estimated arrival time


In a related context worldwide rage has been vocally expressed with demonstrations and rallies held after Friday prayers, slamming the barbaric raids and murder on the peaceful activists on board the ship carrying tons of humanitarian raid to the besieged Gazans


The worshippers were protesting to the Israeli arrogance that attacked the activists who hailed from around the world, representing many faiths including a Nobel Peace laureate, parliamentarians’ 2 of which were from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and former US diplomats. People are uniting with the belief that oppression cannot end until the Israeli oppressor is exposed to the world as having no regard for humanity for truly only then will enough international or domestic pressure emerge to make the regime change its ways