Akef: Despite Political Tyranny, People Will Win

Akef: Despite Political Tyranny, People Will Win

In this week’s message, Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the MB chairman shed light on the state of tension, especially in Arab and Islamic world, resulting from differences of stances between people and their rulers. In the time people’s awareness of the importance of development, governments in many of these countries insist on marginalizing, and sometimes canceling, the role of people through pressure and hindering laws. This results in preventing people of doing their duties and gaining their rights.

   He added that this the age of peoples and their will which is the source of authorities. He gave Ukrane as an example. Changes took place in its regime through its people’s peacful, effective and strong demonstrations. He said that tyranny, injustice and oppression do not build nations. Justice is the base of ruling. God lets the just nation win and does not let the unjust one win even if it is a Muslim one. He indicated that Qura’an and Prophetic sayings support that. He added that the action of the people of our region is very clear. They are resisting occupation in Palestine and Iraq; interantional threats against Iran and Syria; and injustice and tyranny in all Arab and Muslim countries. Although regimes are using force to suppress their peoples, this will not last for long

   He directed his speech to the rulers reminding them that God will bring them to account in the day of judgement and asking them to stand in one trench with their people. He told them that “The forces that protect you are so fragile as they are not supported by people. Look at your counterpart Zionists and Western rulers how they gain strenght from their people”. He gave exmple of what happened to Marcos of Philipines.

   He spoke to all free people asking them to be persistent and to positively continue giving for the sake of homes and people. He reminds them that victory comes with patience. He added that the legal peaceful effective action is the guarantee to achieve goals and ends. He directed his speech to Palestinians, Iraqis, and Sudaneses expressing support to them and asking them to persevere and to be united. In his word to the peoples of Egypt and the rest of region, he greeted them warmly, appreciaing their strong social, public, political and institutional work. He said that “ We advance togather. We gain new ground. People gain more and become stronger everyday. The regime is losing and becoming weaker”. He shed light on the situation in Egypt; The extension of the emergency law, the trial of two judges for disclosing violations during the last parliamentary elections, and the action of the people and their deputies. He said that this rising public curve will not descend, but will continue.

   Lastly, he directed his speech to the Muslim Brothers annoncing that their work with people continues. “We call upon people for sticking to the teachings of Islam and to reform. You work for reform for eighty years. We refuse violence, resist injusrice and adhere to peace. Spread your call among people.” He qouted Al-Banna’s advice:

“Be like trees, people throw them with stone, and they throw peopl with dates”.