• March 22, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Akef: Dictatorship is the cause of the Distress Egyptians are Suffering From

Akef: Dictatorship is the cause of the Distress Egyptians are Suffering From

The Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, asserted that Muslim Brothers (MBs) have no objection to the formation of political parties for all those who want to engage in politics, provided that the proposed parties accept the Egyptian Constitution and the basic tenets of the society, including respect for morality and other values observed by society.

In an interview with the weekly magazine “Marian” issued in Paris, Mr. Akef said, “the body which now rules on the admissibility of political parties  is the ‘Political Party Committee’ which in itself is unconstitutional, thus rendering impossible the establishment of a political party playing a true opposition role.
He confirmed that dictatorship is the cause of the distress that Egyptians are suffering from, and the reason why corruption is pervasive in State agencies.

This prevents reformers from reaching the positions through which they may be able to make changes.

 On the other hand, he adds, freedom creates the atmosphere which is conducive to the emergence of institutions through which everyone can express his views, whereby the country can develop and move ahead in terms of civilization.

Akef criticized the U.S., stating that “we are sure now that it doesn’t want any good for Egypt.

 It uses double standards as far as what it calls ‘the reform movement’ in the Arab homeland (the Arab world) is concerned. It refuses to talk about any democracy that is different from its interests or that clashes with those interests