Akef: Egyptians Approve the MB Methodology

Akef: Egyptians Approve the MB Methodology

By Muhammad el-Shreef

 The Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, emphasized that the result of the first stage of the parliamentary election, in which the MB win 34 seats, is unquestionable evidence for the growing popularity of the Moslem Brotherhood, its ideology of reform and its controversial slogan ’Islam is the remedy’.   


In his statement to Ikhwan online, Akef said “thanks to Allah, the MB achieves a promising result in the first phase of the election. This outcome shows the Egyptians’ eagerness for the Moslem Brotherhood’s approach of reform, regardless the negative portray of the MB in media.”


Akef expressed both his appreciation and his blame to the security bodies; thanking their unaccustomed impartiality, and pining blame for not preventing some frauds. He called the security bodies for performing their duty; the protection of Egyptians.


In addition, Akef voiced his gratitude for the ’great’ Egyptian people, as he termed, who backed the Moslem Brotherhood. He also thanked the MB candidates who fell in elections, invoking Allah’s reward to them.


As for judges,” most of them are noble. They performed their constitution-stated duty. Nevertheless, few of them are otherwise,” Akef proclaimed.


Akef conveyed his regards to all members of the Moslem Brotherhood for their honorable role and their objective and civilized participation, which stimulate local and international observers to hail them.


Regards the upcoming two phases of the parliamentary election, “the pattern of the election process is unpredictable under the ruling system which does not respect law nor constitution,” Akef answered. He urged the Moslem Brotherhood to resist till the end.