Akef: Freedom and Democracy are on the Top

Akef: Freedom and Democracy are on the Top

By Muhammad el-Shreef

Muhammad Akef, the Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, stated that the Moslem Brotherhood did not nominate a large number of candidates to stand for the parliamentary election in order not to provoke the ruling system. He added that the MB does not intend to dominate; therefore, it shows cooperation and participation with other parties to meet the compelling challenges.


In his statement to Reuters, el-Isboa, el-Hakeka newspapers, Akef said that the priority of the MB in the coming parliament will be given to curial issues; freedom, human rights, democracy, education development, unemployment, and university reform.


Commenting on claims about dissolution of parliament because of the MB great success, Akef ruled it out due to local and international considerations that underline the need for stability. He noted that the parliament representatives of the Moslem Brotherhood are actually eager to preserve stability.


Akef, in addition, denied the possibility of putting up a candidate for the coming presidential election, in state of having the required number of seats. He alluded to many obstructing forces, including foreign factors, in fact. Akef highlighted that the Moslem Brotherhood will not come to power unless people choose.