• March 1, 2006
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Akef: How Can We Support Hamas

Akef: How Can We Support Hamas

Hamas in the middle of a storm, how do we support it?

A Message from Mr. Mohammad Mahdi Akef – Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood

In the name of Allah; and peace and blessings be upon His messenger and his proponents.

Resistance is the Consience of the Ummah
Palestinian resistance is the conscience and dignity of our Ummah. It gave life to the Ummah, and revived its weak hope. It frustrated the Zionist project that targeted the heart of the Ummah, not Palestine only. It forced the whole world to recognize the Palestinian people after harshly denying their existence. As a result, the Ummah protected it; and the people supported it sincerely. Had it not been for hindrances and obstacles set up by the governments, thousands and may be millions desiring to liberate the land, freeing sanctities, and restoring rights, would have joined the Palestinian resistance, indifferent to accusations from old and new colonization countries.

Political Deception
As time passes, great countries resorted to trickery and political slyness. Temptation took place and wealth quenched the revolution. Zionist seized the opportunity, and on large scale, they grabbed lands by force, established colonizations, Judaized Jeruslaem, established the separation wall, killed freedom fighters, destroyed buildings and scoopped up farms .

Hamas is the Hope
Palestinians felt that their hope of liberation and sovernity was diminishing. They searched and found a resisting group that was not influenced by worldly pleasures, not seeking posts, not giving up arms nor struggle. This group share the Palestininans their hard life, provide them with services in all fields of life, including health, education and culture. Its principles, methods and programs are derived from true Islam; So the Palestinians supported and trusted it in the municipal elections, then in the legislative one. Thus, it was the first liberating movement in the world to get to authority in a free parliamentary elections, and under occupation.

Hamas Proponents
The Earthquake and the Storm
The earthquake occurred, then a severe psychological storm blowed by yesterday’s mates in struggle, some Arab countries, European countries- with US at the head of them-, and the Zionist enemy, in order to force Hamas to abandon its national principles. They threatened to stop the aid, which in fact is the right of people whose country was grabbed by force and through international conspiracy. The US Secretary of State not only carried on her threats, but also urged its Western allies, Egypt, KSA and Gulf countries, to stop supporting the Palestinians; pressing on the governments of these countries by accusing them of the lag of political reform, not applying democracy and retardation of human rights.

Political Hypocarcy
Herein, political hypocracy is so clear. US acts as the patron of freedoms and as one who calls for human rights, but when it comes to Hamas that won in the fairest elections in the Arab world, it refuses the results of demcracy and works on stoping them. US does that even by means of starving and tightening the grip around the Palestinian people, whose only fault is practicing their natural right to be free and to choose!! Will our governments submit to this criminal blackmail?! I deem them to be far above taking part in the conspiracy of killing our brothers in Palestine through starving.

Our Duties
Herein, I would lik to clarify the duties of all of us towrds Palestine and Hamas to ward that unjust storm off:

* On the Palestinian domestic level, I would like to praise the stance of the Palestinian president and the Palestinian authority concerning elections; in addition to the president’s entitlement for Hamas to form the government, respecting clearily the will of the palestinan people and the rules of demcracy. I call upon all the palestinain factions to accept the invitation of Hamas to form a national unity government, to work on liberation, put an end to corruption, achieve domestic security, stability and social justice, and to disdain practices resulted from narrow interests of parties.

* I also call for putting Palestinian house in order, and I mean here the Palestinian Liberation Organization, on pure national bases and according to correct democratic criteria.

* I call upon Palestinans outside Palestine, whose number is more than those inside, to support their people and government materially, morally, intellectually, practically, politically, economically, and socially.

* I call upon Arab governments not to submit to US pressures; rather they sould increase their support for the Palestinian people, respect their will and cooperate with its elected governmesnt, especially that the Arab Summit draws nearer.

* I also call upon the Organization of Islamic Conference to call for a conference for the Islamic countries, to determine the support of the the Palestinian people and government while they face the new Western-Zionist conspiracy.

* As I set great hope on Arab and Muslim people, I am completely sure that they are fully ready to sacrifice money – and soul if they can- to support their brothers in Palestine, who represent the stationed vanguard to liberate noble Jerusalem and the holy lands in Palestine.

* Last and not the least , I encourage the men and women of Hamas and say to them: stick to your principles and your true path, whatever great challenges you confront; as people, Arab and Islamic Ummah are on your side. And above all, God is on your side..

“ O ye who believe! If ye will aid (the cause of) God, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly (7) But those who reject (God),- for them is destruction, and (God) will render their deeds astray (from their mark).” Qur`an 47:7-8. “And those who strive in Our (cause),- We will certainly guide them to Our Paths: For verily God is with those who do right” Qur`an 29:69

May God’s peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, his family and companions