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  • July 6, 2007
  • 5 minutes read

Akef: Muslims Are Able to Deter the New Colonization Project

Akef: Muslims Are Able to Deter the New Colonization Project

In his weekly message, the Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, explained how the Muslim Ummah is sufferring from the late American aggression targeting its identity and threatening its spiritual and scientific fortunes. It wants to destroy our present and to confiscate our future in order to control the Ummah.

Mr. Akef described what happened in Iraq after four years of occupation; destroying the infrastructure and its fortunes and killing about 100, 000 persons by the occupation forces own estimate. In addition to the injured and prisoners who sexually abused. Occupation pushed the country to dirty edge of sectarianism whose victims were in tenth of thousands. It allows experienced “death squads” killing tens per day in order to stabilize its existence. However, occupation forces are facing a real dilemma including an unreported increasing number of injuried and death toll. Popularity of the criminals of war and its decision makers is going lower, to the extent that the new Italian premier announced that his first achievement would be withdrawing the Italian troops from Iraq. Additionally, the awareness and effect of people who oppose sectarian war are increasing. Mr. Akef expressed his hope that the Iranian neighbor would be a real addition against the Western and American hegemony, and to spend more efforts removing the fears of Iranian interference in Iraq, their increasing power and of its regional role.

As for Palestine, he clarified that the West and America are supporting, and even adopting, the Zionist project frankly and they are keeping silent on the Zionist aggression for fifty eight years. In the same time they are punishing the Palestinian people when showing any resistance against that aggression calling it terrorism that must be confronted.


He added that the Palestinian resistance is achieving success every day, not only on the level of armed struggle, but also on the level of completing the real elements of the society and state, and on the level of spreading the awareness of the danger and ugliness of the Zionist project. The Palestinian people chose Hamas in free and fair elections to rule their country after long time of corruption. As a result, the occupation and its European and American protectors threatened the new government in order to meet the Zionist demands by recognizing the Zionist entity, adopting the forced agreements, destroying the infrastructure of the resistance groups and unconditioned negotiating with the occupier; else the Palestinians and their government would face economic sanctions and unjust siege. Moreover, we knew that U.S., which froze its aid to the Palestinians, allocated 42 million dollars to destroy the new Palestinian government and to urge the Palestinians to find an alternative. Additionally, one of the congress committees presented an anti-terror resolution against what it called “Palestinian terrorism”!


False calls of Western and American Democracy

Mr. Akef stressed that the above mentioned reaction is because they are facing a strong entity. The democratic choice of the Palestinians let the callers for freedom and democracy in the West to breach what they teach after realizing that their efforts to set Islam aside of politics during the last decades went in vain. It became clear that Western democracy, freedom and human rights are only tools to achieve the unfair and unjust Western and American goals. . .  Muslim brotherhood members, by the grace of God, were at the forefront of those who looked suspiciously at the American calls for democracy.

He added that the only way our people can obtain their freedom is through their sacrifices, removing tyranny by themselves and realizing that the criminals who killed Muslims, plundered their fortunes and supported tyrants will not give them any thing except for evil goals.


He addressed the Muslim rulers, calling upon them to fear God who will call them into account. He asked them to end tyranny, realize the reality of the American and Western project, and to start supporting the genuine and resistant Islamic project. He added that the people will not forgive them if they do not support the Palestinian people. He called upon rich Arabs and Muslim to live up to Muslims, as this is an Islamic principle. He showed that Palestinians are asking for only some of their rights, spending their blood while protecting the dignity of the Ummah and standing against the Zionist occupier.

He showed to the solution to deter the new Western colonization project, is by trusting in God, sticking to Islam, making use of its powers and join their forces and their governments”.