• December 5, 2005
  • 2 minutes read

Akef: NDP Defeat isn’t Our Target

Akef: NDP Defeat isn’t Our Target 
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader, Muhammad Akef, emphasized that the group does not aim to defeat the ruling National Democratic Party, it only seeks cooperative efforts to attain long-desired comprehensive progress of Egypt.
In his press release for Landon-based Asharq Alawsat and the Hungarian HBG Newspapers, Akef said the Brotherhood’s major wins in the ongoing parliamentary elections confirm the Egyptians’ trust in our electoral slogan ’Islam is the solution’.
Akef put the blame for vote fraud and ballot rigging that scarred the elections on the NDP and its leaders. For Akef, security bodies that involved in such forgery were mere tools in the palm of the ruling system’s hand.  
On the other side, Akef paid tribute to vote monitoring judges, whose presence helped the Brotherhood achieving this deserved great success.  Akef remarked that we estimated the popular support for the group ahead of vote of 30%.
Commenting on concerns of some Copts and Muslims regards the likelihood of Brothers to come to power, Akef said: “since we did not come to power yet, worry is not reasonable. Any way those concerned people, whether Copts or Muslims, are but secular leftists.”
As for the group’s approach towards the foreign policy, Akef proclaimed: “we do respect Egypt’s foreign policies; we respect treaties and convections singed with the U.S. and the U.N. However, we do not recognize the short-lived, as Zionists predict, Zionism. We hope the Arab and Muslim countries to fulfill economical and technological progress.”