• January 30, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Akef: the Brotherhood Draws Legality from the Public

Akef: the Brotherhood Draws Legality from the Public

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader, Muhammad Akef, asserted that the group gains its legitimacy from the Egyptian people, adding the government-owned media intends to hide the group’s parliamentary achievements.

On Saturday, Akef asserted, in his statements to al-Jazeera Channel, that Egyptians have approved the Islamic ideology when elected the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates in the parliamentary elections.

Commenting on Gamal Mubarak, the head of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) policies committee, who claimed that the group violates political laws by imbuing religion with politics, Akef remarked this accusation is ’repeated and long-standing’ for over 50 years, the ruling system has disseminated similar accusations, turned unsuccessful in enfeebling the group that entered the People Assembly by the popular will.

Asked if Mubarak’s statements represent a setback in the Brotherhood’s relationship with the regime, Akef proclaimed the group does not adopt such attitude, indicating that all Egyptian sectors are engaged into dialogues. On the other side, the rulling regime is isolating itself from all political powers.

Commenting on the notion of national reconciliation, Akef stressed it should be done between the government and the public, hinting that all political powers agree on the main outlines: lifting the emergency laws and the constitution amendment, for example.

As for the constant criticism directed at the group’s parliamentary performance, Akef remarked the government-owned media hushes up the group’s accomplishments in the parliament, calling for surfing the group’s official internet site to explore the real parliamentary performance of the Brotherhood.

In the outgoing parliament, the Brotherhood’s show has constituted 35% of overall parliament activity. Meanwhile, the ongoing parliament sees an observable increase in the Brotherhood’s action despite the fact that none of the group’s MPs preside over any of the parliament committees.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader added the organization prepares some political programs pertaining to widely accepted issues such as the abolishment of both emergency laws and Parties’ Law. He, in addition, criticized calls directed at the Brotherhood to bring up critical questions in the parliament, which still in its beginning. In stead these appeals should be aimed at the in-charge regime, Akef explained, promising to put these urgent issues forward during the ongoing parliament.

Answering a question if the Brotherhood’s success in the vote came only out of a desire of change, Akef said electorates voted for the Islamic platform, represented by the Muslim Brotherhood.