Akef: The Egyptian-French initiative is an Israeli request

Akef: The Egyptian-French initiative is an Israeli request

Chairman  of  Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Mohamed Akef on Wednesday said that the Egyptian-French ceasefire initiative is primarily an Israeli request in order to hide Israel”s failure in eliminating the Palestinian resistance. 

In a conference held by the Egyptian national forces, Akef announced that next Friday would be a day of popular anger in solidarity with the Palestinian people aimed to ask the Arab regimes especially in Egypt to adopt a responsible and serious position to protect the Palestinians against the Israeli killing machine.

In the same context, lawmaker Mustafa Bakri said that the Egyptian regime lives on an island isolated from the people who went out on the streets and expressed their rejection and condemnation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

For his part, Dr. Abdeljalil Mustafa, the coordinator of the Egyptian Kefaya movement, said that the Arab regimes especially in Egypt lost their Arab and Islamic identity when they abandoned the Palestinian people and left them alone facing the Israeli occupation.

The national forces in Egypt issued at the end of the conference a statement confirming that the resistance is a legitimate right approved by the international conventions and norms and declaring their support for the Palestinian people”s right to use all means including armed struggle to restore their usurped rights.

The statement underlined that what is happening in Gaza is a clear and direct threat to the Arab national security, calling on the Arab regimes which have ties with Israel to tread in the steps of Venezuela and Mauritania and expel Israeli ambassadors.