• October 18, 2005
  • 2 minutes read

Akef: the Election is a Part of our Agenda

Akef: the Election is a Part of our Agenda

Akef: the Election is a Part of our Agenda

Ikhwan online
By Mohammad el-Shreef

Muhammad Mahdy, the Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, said that the movement is able to appoint 444 candidates for the upcoming parliamentary election. Yet, the movement selects only 150 candidates to underline its eagerness for cooperation with others.

In an interview with the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Aharm, Akef expected an increase in the number of seats won by the movement’s candidates in the parliament, more than that have been won in the elections of 1987 and 2000. But the natural and fair course of the election is a must for this expectation to come true. He also added that the number of the movement’s candidates would reduce to 120 out of 150 as a result of the administrative bureaucracy.


“The election is not our end; it is a part of a long process that aims at achieving renascence of Egypt”, he explained.


It is said that the State’s approach toward the movement results for being a banned movement. Akef commented that “our popularity is our legitimacy.”


 “We expect any measure taken by the ruling system, even if there are some changes in its manner after Mubark’s statements. I hope that the security bodies would notice that. For it follows the orders of the ruling system, if the system modifies its approach, security bodies will change also”, he added.


Answering if any dialogue with the National Democratic Party is conducted, Akef said that there are no connections in this respect. “I have called them many times to reach an agreement for the sake of the public benefit. I, moreover, welcome any communication with any side even our opponents”, he added.