• November 16, 2005
  • 2 minutes read

Akef: the NPD Adheres to Frauds

Akef: the NPD Adheres to Frauds

Akef: the NPD Adheres to Frauds
Ikhwan online

By Muhammad el-Shreef


Today, the Supreme Guide for the Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, held a number of interviews with satellite channels and newspapers. He tackled the result of the first phase of the parliamentary election, in which the Moslem Brotherhood wins 34 seats.


In his statements to MBC, Abu Dhabi, el-Arabia, el-Ikhlas Turkish news agency, and el-Misery el-Youm newspaper, Akef said that the first stage showed the persistence of the National Democratic Party to falsify the will of voters.


Akef added that the NDP exploits the State bodies, official newspapers, and mass media. However, Egyptians reject it and approve the Moslem Brotherhood Islam-inspired methodology. 


Akef proclaimed that the Moslem Brotherhood did not expect this promising outcome which voices the Egyptian support to the Moslem Brotherhood. The election result reflects the political awareness of Egyptians. It also mirrors the high-level performance of the Moslem Brotherhood in the election, who set a good example.