Akef Calls for Reconciliation among Lebanese Currents

Akef Calls for Reconciliation among Lebanese Currents

Mohammed Mahdy Akef, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed that the best solution for the recent Lebanese crisis is through reconciliation among different Lebanese political currents.

In a phone call with Secretary General of the Islamic Group in Lebanon Faissal Mulawi, he called for a joint national dialogue among different Lebanese parties, including opposition, confirming the necessity of preserving all Lebanese institutions.

Akef confirmed that such joint dialogue should take place for the sake of Lebanon, believing that it does not contradict with the right to resist Israeli occupation forces.

Faissal Mulawi assured that the Lebanese Islamic Group is trying to act positively to have a role in the peaceful settlement among Lebanese parties, and to help restore calmness and stability to Lebanon.

Worth mentioning, the recent takeover of Beirut by the largest opposition faction in Lebanon, Hezbollah, represented a massive crisis to the already weakened Lebanese state, threatening with another violent civil war.