• February 21, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Akef Calls On Palestinians to Sue US & EU For Withholding Funds

Akef Calls On Palestinians to Sue US & EU For Withholding Funds

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader Mr. Muhammad Akef called on Palestinians to sue the US and the EU in the International Court of Justice to force them release funds, termed as the legal right of Palestinians who are displaced, killed, and whose land is demolished.

In an interview with a Swiss newspaper, Akef said: ’Hamas asserted it will not abandon its ideologies but will be, at the same time, pragmatic. However, it will not accept blackmail of both the US and the EU.’ Akef, in addition, stressed that Hamas is able to meet needs of Palestinians by seeking support of its friend nations.

Mr. Akef rejected the use of term ’aid’ to refer to funds paid for Palestinians since they are not beggars. He criticized the Israeli decision to block tax revenues of Palestinians.

’Hamas victory in the legislative elections represents the success of Palestinians who honestly fight occupation and freely elected their representatives in the parliament through fair and transparent ballots, unprecedented in the Arab world.

Muhammad Akef linked the Western attempts to distort the image of the Muslim Brotherhood to be the only power that is widespread over the world and that has a detailed methodology for the benefit of humanity. No matter the political, military or economical pressures are, the group will not give it up.