Akef Calls Policemen to Preserve Order

Akef Calls Policemen to Preserve Order
By Muhammad el-Sheriff
The Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, urged policemen to adhere to neutrality in the course of the ongoing polls, to preserve order, and to halt unjustified detentions of the Moslem Brotherhood’s members and supporters.
Commenting on the large-scale arrest campaign launched against the Brotherhoods, Akef said to Ikhwan online, “we respect police; however, since election is a contest among individuals, therefore, police should be impartial.”
“The Brotherhoods are transparent and appreciated by fair people. Their respect for law is apparent and their program is outspoken. Unlike to that is mere distortion of facts,” he added.
Akef emphasized that marred voting process disreputes Egypt. In addition, it disperses the exerted efforts of parties to urge people to engage into the political life and to abandon passiveness.