Akef Casts Vote and Charges the NDP with Ballot-rigging

Akef Casts Vote and Charges the NDP with Ballot-rigging

Ikhwan online 

The Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, cast vote in a poll in Nasser City district, in which the Moslem Brotherhood has two candidates, Dr. Makarm el-Derey and Essam Mokhter. He was r warm-headedly received by the supporters of the MB. After voting, Akef spoke to the reporters who were waiting before the poll.


As for the process of the election, Akef said “the National Democratic Party does not adopt a changing thought. We have many accounts that show plenty of frauds and contraventions that intended to rig the ballot. For example, the NDP recorded 5.000 voters in the registered electorate and paid them, up to 500 pounds in some areas, in order to vote for its candidates.”


The Supreme Guide charged the government with law violation. For it made use of the governmental institutions for the propaganda of the NDP nominees. He also said that the mass media and the newspapers were misleading factors for people. They promoted the idea that the Moslem Brotherhood’s slogan ’Islam is the remedy’ contradicts with the law of election, which turned to be false according to the rule of the Administrative Court.


Akef noted that our approach toward the ruling party is civilized, which emerges out of our sense of commitment toward our country. To provoking a crisis with the ruling system, we appointed only 125 candidates to run for the parliamentary election. Nevertheless, they choose nothing but ballot rigging, to falsify the well of the nation. 


In an answer to a question on the priority of the Moslem Brotherhood upon coming to the parliament, Akef said that freedom comes on the top of our targets. For lack of freedom is the prime reason behind the current setback that Egypt experiences.