• MB News
  • August 23, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

Akef Praises European Activists For Breaking Gaza Siege

Akef Praises European Activists For Breaking Gaza Siege

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdy Akef expressed his solidarity with the anti-siege European activists whose vessels anchored at the Gaza port on Saturday despite difficulties and Israeli threats.


Akef praised the efforts of all activists who contributed to breaking the siege on the Gaza Strip people that lasted for more than two years, and called on the international community and Arab and Islamic nations to carry out a more positive role in supporting the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation.


“Breaking the siege is a moral duty and a legitimate right for the Palestinian people,” Akef said in a statement. “International activists have proved to the world that restoring the rights of the Palestinian people is an attainable end whenever the world has faith in the sanctity of truth and freedom,” he added.


Akef called on Arab regimes, the Arab League, and Arab civil society to assume their responsibility in lifting the siege and ending the suffering of the Palestinian people, following the example of European activists.


Akef also expressed his deep appreciation of the steadfastness of the Palestinian and the Gazan people vis-à-vis the oppression practiced against them by Israeli occupation forces.