Akef Urges Arab, Muslim Rulers Take Joint Attitude Against Countries Blocking Gaza Ceasefire

Akef Urges Arab, Muslim Rulers Take Joint Attitude Against Countries Blocking Gaza Ceasefire

In a statement about the ground offensive on Gaza Strip, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mahdy Akef called on Arab and Muslim rulers to live up to their historical, moral, human and national responsibilities through taking a joint attitude against countries that block issuing a resolution that orders an immediate halt of the aggression on Gaza Strip.

Akef also called on Arab and Muslim regimes to sever all relations with the Zionist enemy, cut off gas and oil supplies, open Rafah Crossing to give access to all humanitarian aid and weapons, activate the Arab Joint Defense Treaty and allow peoples to demonstrate and voice their anger and rage towards what is happening in Gaza Strip.

Akef also hailed the heroic deeds of the Palestinian resistance fighters who sacrifice their lives, money and families to defend their land and honor and to protect the nation and its holy places.

Lashing out at the Zionist air land and sea offensive on the Gaza Strip, Akef compared it to the Nazi"s strikes of the Second World War. The only difference between the Second World War and the barbaric Zionist war on Gaza Strip is that the Zionists launch a war against unarmed people who have- if any- some primitive weapons.

Akef pointed out that the target of the ground invasion of Gaza is to achieve targets that the air strikes failed to achieve, namely stopping the Strip"s missile fires and attempting to topple Hamas government, under international, US and European connivance plus connivance of some Arab countries to give the Zionists sufficient time and a political cover-up to continue this criminal assault.

Regarding the attitude of Muslim and Arab governments, the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman said their attitudes are marked by a shameful silence and passivity, if not support and conniving with the enemy. He said the Arab and Muslim rulers are only begging for a resolution from the Security Council which is fully controlled by the US President.