Akef Urges Muslim And Christian Nations to Help Palestinians

Akef Urges Muslim And Christian Nations to Help Palestinians

Muslim Brotherhood called upon all Muslim and Christian nations and freedom loving people around the world to support the Palestinian people who are being targeted in a vicious campaign to suffocate and punish them only because they exercised their rights and chose a government that truly represent them through fair and democratic elections.

“It is disgusting to see the same western governments that always called for democracy, engaging in an unjust and shameful campaign to suffocate a nation of three million only because they exercised their right and followed the same democratic principles to choose a sovereign government, which is not blessed by the West, in an attempt to force it to collapse

. . . We now realize what version of democracy these western governments believe in. It is a democracy that can only bring to power those who will better serve the west’s best interests and follow the American and Zionist scheme for the region.

These western governments have certainly lost its moral integrity by trying to crush and humiliate a nation that suffered tremendously throughout history. A nation that was massacred, annihilated, driven out of its lands and homes, and transformed into refugees by ruthless apartheid regime, with the help and blessing of the same governments that supplies it with moneys and weapons

. . . It is our religious and humanitarian duty to help the Palestinian people. This is a matter of national security for the whole Arab nation. Therefore, I am calling upon all Arab governments to rise against the evil desires of these western governments which are stripped of all meanings of mercy and humanity, and not to give in to their satanic pressure, but instead, listen to your own people and stand up for your dignity so God can be pleased with you. “The believers are nothing else than brothers” (49:10) “The believers, men and women, are Auliyâ” (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) of one another” (9:71)

. . . The major responsibility still lies on the shoulder of the people themselves; donating money is the least you can do. I call upon the rich amongst you to spend some of what God bestowed upon them and to remember that  “whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allâh”s Cause), He will replace it. And He is the Best of providers.” (34:39) “but that which you give in Zakât seeking Allâh”s Countenance, then those they shall have manifold increase” (30:39). Even the middle class and poor families can help by donating part of the money they spend to feed their children- even if it is worth a piece of bread, to protect our brethren in Palestine from hunger and avoid them the humiliation of asking for help from the unjust. Support them in their struggle to liberate the holly lands of both Christians and Muslims. I specially remind those Palestinians living abroad that those live in the homeland deserve your donations before anybody else.

I am fully confident that any true Muslim, Christian or free person will rush to help in this noble drive.  Please donate your money to any of the following bank accounts,
• Arab League, account # 777 7777, Egypt International Bank
• Arab Physicians Union, account# 212051, Faisal Islamic Bank
• Humanitarian Relieve, account # 500555, National Egyptian Bank

May Allah reward you for your good deeds”

Mohamed Mahdi Akef
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman