• April 1, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Akef urges new PA government to fulfill aspirations of Palestinian people

Akef urges new PA government to fulfill aspirations of Palestinian people

Head of the influential Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group Mahdi Akef congratulated PA premier Ismail Haneyya over the confidence vote bestowed on his government at the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), urging him and the new PA government to keep up the momentum in fulfilling the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

“We are aware of the tremendous pressures you are facing on both the local and international levels; however, we are fully confident that you could deliver the Palestinian people out of the present quandaries and achieve its aspirations”, Akef said in a wire message to Haneyya.

He urged the Palestinian people to form popular and civil movements that would activate economic boycott against the Israeli occupation government all over Palestine, and to open new popular committees for the support of the Palestinian resistance and families of the fighters.

Akef, likewise, called on the Arab and Muslim peoples to pressure their governments so that official stands would go in harmony with the popular ones, and demanded a common Arab official-popular strategy refusing concessions to confront the US and Israeli strategies.

He reiterated his group’s support to the resistance in all occupied Muslim nations, including Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq among other Muslim and Arab nations.

PM Haneyya received a similar message from Ahmed Hassan Al-Banna, grandson of the MB founder, the late Hassan Al-Banna, where he expressed his joy over Haneyya’s assumption as PA premier, wishing him all success.