• November 15, 2005
  • 2 minutes read

Akef Votes and Criticizes Media

Akef Votes and Criticizes Media

Akef Votes and Criticizes Media

Muhammad Akef, the Supreme Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood, cast vote in the reelection of the first phase of the parliamentary election. He was received by the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Makarm el-Deary, by dozens of the MB members, and by reporters of news agencies.


After voting, Akef appealed to judges to exert their best efforts to make the polling process fair and just. He also underlined the need for putting an end to frauds such as the so-called circulated ballots and collective electoral enrolment, adding that many electoral violations are detected.


He, in addition, demanded the monitoring judges to abide by the court ruling which stipulates that the voting account should be attended by candidates or by their agents.


As for the security role, Akef stressed that security bodies should safeguard the fairness of election. Accordingly, they should find a solution to violence which left a number of wounded members of the Moslem Brotherhood. These contraventions show police bias.


Akef blamed mass media which intend to distort the Moslem Brotherhood and its nominees while claiming impartiality.


Akef, on the other hand, hailed the MB members who try to portray the perfect image of their political action that is worldwide praised.