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  • October 28, 2005
  • 2 minutes read

Akef Warns against Using Hariri’s Assassination for the US Benefit

Akef Warns against Using Hariri’s Assassination for the US Benefit

Ikhwan online

By Muhammad el-Shreef

The Supreme Guide for the Moslem Brotherhood, Muhammad Akef, warns against the US intention to exploit the assassination of the Lebanese former prime minister, Rafeq el-Hariri, to achieve its planes that avail Israel or to use it as a means of pressure to end certain political differences.

In his weekly address, Akef indicates that the American and the Israeli intelligences are suspected to have a hand in what is going in Lebanon. The American history is full of incidents of assassination or plots to remove leaders who rejected its policy, for example, in Middle East and Latin America. He stresses that its sympathy with Hariri’s assassination is not interest-free.

He also criticizes the American Administration which indicts Syria directly though the international investigatory commission said, in its report, that it needs more time to accomplish its investigation. In addition, the report does not contain any categorical evidence against Syria.

He links the anti-Syria American stance to Syrian approach toward Palestine and Iraq. The US has certain demands from Syria; to suspend its support to Hezb Allah, to control tightly its borders with Iraq to stop militants to enter Iraq, to adopt conclusive policy toward resistant Palestinian organizations, to accept naturalization with Israel, finally to comply with the Israeli version of reaching a settlement over the occupied Golan issue.  

Akef adds that the US is successful in imposing political siege on Syria while the Arab world is dormant. He, moreover, remarks that the Syrian system gives the US golden opportunities by keeping on its deposited rule. During this critical situation, the Syrian system has to reconcile with its people via providing healthy atmosphere of freedom, of respect the human rights and the Islamic identity.