Akef Warns of Arab Regimes’ Conspiracy Against PA

The Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Mahdi Akef, warned against a conspiracy by certain Arab regimes against the Palestinian Authority (PA) represented by the Hamas-led government, which has been chosen by the Palestinian people  

In a speech to “Alwahda assudania”, Sudanese newspaper, on Sunday 28/5/2006, Mr. Akef stated that “the west is standing in the way of the Palestinian government’s progress and trying to abort any emerging Islamic project, which will have negative effect on the national security of our nation”

He renewed his call to the people to back the Palestinian government and support them with cash and prayers and adding “the people of the Arab and Muslim worlds will not forgive their governments if they fail the Palestinian people”

Commenting on some newspapers attacking Muslim Brotherhood, Mr. Akef said that security apparatus is known to disseminate wrong information about the Muslim Brotherhood to certain newspapers and media outlets in order to defame MB and veil the corruption and tyranny of the regime