Al-Ahrar center: The assassination of Sarkaji is a war crime

Al-Ahrar center: The assassination of Sarkaji is a war crime

NABLUS, (PIC)– Al-Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies and human rights said Saturday that the Israeli assassination of ex-detainee Ra’ed Al-Sarkaji in addition to two other Palestinians in Nablus is a war crime in every sense of the word.

Director of the center Fouad Al-Khafsh stated that Sarkaji was released about one year ago after he spent more than seven years in Israeli jails.

Khafsh added that the assassination of ex-detainees must prompt the Palestinian parties in charge of the prisoner swap file to demand international safeguards preventing Israel from assassinating prisoners after their release.

He noted that the assassination of Sarkaji might be an indirect threat message to Hamas that it must agree on the condition laid by the Israeli government regarding the exile of some prisoners who would be released after the conclusion of a prisoner swap deal if it wanted them to remain alive after their release.

In another context, Al-Ahrar center said that prisoner Yassin Abu Khudair entered his 23rd year in Israeli jails.

The center pointed out that Abu Khudair had refused to sign a paper prepared for prisoners in the aftermath of the Oslo accords, in which the prisoners express their regret for participating in resistance activities against Israel and pledge not to return to such activities.

The center added that Abu Khudair is one of the prisoners’ deans in Israeli jails and one of those who participated in the biggest mass hunger strike in Palestine known as the war of empty stomachs which took place in 1992 in all Israeli prisons and led to his transfer to hospital and the death of one prisoner.

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