Al-Arian: MB Will Contest 35% of Parliamentary Seats and No Need to Fear NDP

Al-Arian: MB Will Contest 35% of Parliamentary Seats and No Need to Fear NDP

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Essam Al-Arian said the group accepts the proposed constitutional amendments, citing that the country, at present, needs greater stability and to calm down its internal situation,

particularly as the armed forces are preoccupied with securing borders in light of the suspicious plots that are taking place to divide Libya and Sudan.

He maintained that the group will endeavor to convince people to endorse the suggested changes so that parliamentary elections can go ahead.

Al-Arian questioned: Why does the opposition fear endorsing the proposed constitutional amendments, indicating that if the fear was due to the vestiges of the old regime, there is no need to worry because the National Democratic Party (NDP), with the thuggery of state security was obtaining only 30% of parliamentary seats, referring to the necessity of seeking help from popular committees in the forthcoming legislative polls to repel the thugs.

Al-Arian said that the MB – Egypt’s largest opposition group – will contest 35 percent of the 518 parliamentary seats in next month’s parliamentary elections, stressing the need to resist those who corrupted political and legislative life in Egypt and limit their presence.

As for the constitutional amendments approved by the Brothers, Al-Arian stated, "The need to form a council to formulate a new constitution, saying this would be the way to make a transformation to democracy as conducting the presidential elections prior to the parliamentary poll would mean another despotic leader. Therefore, the parliamentary elections should be followed by the formulation of a new constitution to limit presidential powers. After this a presidential race should be held."