• December 9, 2007

Al-Azhar Students Protest for Their Colleagues

Al-Azhar Students Protest for Their Colleagues

More than 2000 Al-Azhar Univ. students have just finished their demonstration against the arbitrary confinement of their colleagues and called the competent security authorities for instant release of them.

In the 2-hour-long demonstration, the students condemned the blatant interference of the security apparatus in student affairs and called the university guard to cease full-body search on the university entrances. Even the university staff weren”t secure from these inconveniences outside the university gateways.

At the end of the protest, the students issued a statement in which they declared a bill of demands. Also, they denounced with low spirits the latest fire in Al-Azhar Girls Campus, sequelled in scores of casualties and deaths.

Noteworthy, about 22 MB-affiliates inside Al-Azhar Univ. have been abducted last Wednesday in a dawn raid, 9 of whom were released and the rest still under harsh conditions behind bars.