Al-Azhar University Teaching Club Statement

While we are speaking abut the independence of universities and choosing university leaders, and while the teaching staff members are given promises of drafting a new law for achieving a real independence of universities and while students are promised of drafting a new regulation that achieves their hopes for free student activities, we were stunned by detaining a group of the best university professors for trivial and fabricated reasons propagated by the government vetted media under the pretext that they are behind a performance that some did.

The performance that the students did should make those truly loyal to this country study why they did this peaceful performance, to be sure that it was a natural result for the repeated provocations, the most serious of which was dismissing a group of top students in most faculties, denying them nomination for the Student Union, blocking methods of expression in front of them and preventing them from exercising their rights in the election process inside the university; however, it was the victims- not the real criminal who prevented them from exercising their constitutional rights- who were held accountable.

The University President acknowledged in front of the education committee of the People’s Assembly on Monday December, 25. 2006 that these detained students are top graded and respected and they treat their professors with very good manners; this acknowledgement is mentioned in the minutes of the People’s Assembly on the abovementioned date; this is reinforced by the dean of the Faculty of Languages in his testimony in Al-Karama newspaper published on Tuesday December, 26. 2006 that these students are so polite and they are distinguished by good manners while dealing with professors and while conducting dialogues with others.

The security arrested the country’s youth who will build it in the future and threw them behind bars along with the well-reputed professors: Dr. Essam Abdul Mohsen, the manager of the development and QA unit in the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Salah Al Desouki, the anatomy professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Paediatric Surgery consultant in the Islamic Medical Association, and Dr. / Farid Galbat the international law teacher in the Faculty of Sharia and Law; these professors are well known for their academic distinction, good manners and continuous sacrifices.

The image of the university that we aspire to is that of the Egyptian citizen in the full meaning of the words of love, loyalty and sacrifice, a university that educated the heroes who defended their country against occupation, injustice and tyranny. We aspire to a university in which the professor is independent on spiritual and financial levels, not a university in which professors are detained of any reason; thus, we demand:
– Opening dialogue and communication outlets between the university administration and professors on the one hand and between the professors and their students with their various intellectual spectrum,
– Stopping the security intervention in appointing and promoting the teaching staff members in Egyptian universities.
-Immediately releasing all detained professors and students, as they didn’t committed any crime or offence and it isn’t humane for any innocent person- let alone a university professor- to be thrown behind bars with criminals.
The teaching staff members ( the Muslim Brotherhood ) in the Al-Azhar University

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