• Iraq
  • November 27, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Al-Dhari Demands Withdrawing Recognition of Iraqi Gov’t

Sheikh Harith Al-Dhari, the Secretary-General of the Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS) in Iraq, called on Arab and Islamic countries and the United Nations to withdraw their recognition of Nouri Al-Maliki-led government.

Al Dhari described Al-Maliki’s government as biased and sectarian, in a press conference held in the Egyptian Press Syndicate, on Saturday; he appealed to Islamic and Arab governments to confront this government and withdraw their support to it, otherwise, history and Iraqi people won’t forget this carelessness from the Arab and Islamic nations.

The Iraqi Muslim cleric accused Al-Maliki’s government of being extremely sectarian and that it depends on sectarianism to remain in power and to continue looting and accumulating wealth; this government, Al-Dari said, escalates seditions and evil through providing appropriate conditions for the militias and bandits, once or twice a week, to take hostages from among Iraqi anti-occupation people so as to set the scene for the occupation in the targeted regions.

“The US-backed government forces are reportedly preceded by these militias to kill and capture as many people as they can ” Al Dhari said, pointing out that all Iraqi rows, and the ensuing seditions, exclusions, killings and raids, are covered by a politician, not doctrinal, sectarianism. All Iraqis, Sunnis, Shiites, Kurdish, Shiite and Yezidi and apostates, and all anti-occupation powers are marginalized; Nowadays, Iraq is ruled by the occupation and those pro-occupation people who benefit form it and those who help it in repressing their fellow Iraqi citizens.

Sanctity of Iraqi blood
AMS Secretary-General, sheikh Harith Al-Dhari, rejected separating between the Sunnis and the Shiites after Muqtada Al-Sadr demanded the Sunni organization to condemn killing Shiite Muslims in return for issuing a statement to condemn the Iraqi government’s arrest warrant against its Secretary-General, in which Al Sadr said: ” Al-Dhari and other Sunni leaders should issue fatwas to their Sunni minority followers of prohibiting killing Shiites and joining Al-Qaeda network “

” We condemnedkilling Iraqis from the early months when we noticed inter-Iraqi killings, whether they are Sunni, Kurdish Arabs or others without elaboration, “Al-Dhari said, indicating that the AMS issued an eight-point code of ethics topped by banning shedding Iraqi blood and excluding anyone who attacks any Iraqi or even non- Iraqis who aren’t fighting with the occupation; he added that this code was presented to various Iraqi sects, but was approved by three only: al-Khalasiya, Ayat Allah Ahmed al-Baghdadi and Sadr’s movement itself ” when we were entrenched in the same national, anti-occupation trend”, according to him.

Al-Dhari confirmed that the recognizable resistance is the one that fights the occupation, while killing Iraqis is not a resistance, but terrorism.

Arrest Warrant
 Al Dhari downplayed the Iraqi government’s arrest warrant against him, considering it a grant from Allah, as it showed to others that the national anti-occupation powers ” along with Harith Al-Dhari” are backed by the Iraqi people, while he didn’t care for those who condemned or those who backed the warrant; he said that he refused any mediation regarding this warrant and that he will return to his country Iraq, soon.