Al-Erian: Current Detentions To Prevent MB From Shura Council Elections

The Egyptian regime’s promises of a political reform are mere illusions” said Dr. Essam El-Erian, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leader, commenting on the continuous sweeps of arrests against the group.
El-Erian, the head of the MB political bureau, confirmed that the ongoing crackdown against the group, the biggest opposition group in parliament, shows that the regime is backtracking from its promises of expanding freedoms .
It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian autocratic regime staged sweeps of arrests against the Muslim Brotherhood. The first sweep was waged last Dec. 14, and it included arresting Khairat Al-Shater the Muslim Brotherhood’s third-in-command. The latest sweep of arrests- Feb., 15- included 73 detainees from 9 governorates and included some candidates who ran for 2005 legislative elections, and are expected to run for next April Shura Council elections if the Muslim Brotherhood decides to run. Also detained were some syndicate activists and employees in bureaus of Muslim Brotherhood MPs .
The charges are the same against MB group members every crackdown, said Al Erian, confirming that the main point is that there is a relapse in the official promises of political reforms and freedoms. He adds that the Egyptian regime is adopting a policy of exclusion and eradication against oppositions that have a real presence in the social and political landscape, like the Muslim Brotherhood group, to tolerate a government vetted opposition which pose no real threat to tyrants.
Asked whether there is a message from these detentions to the MB, Al Erian said that the message that the group deduced is that there are troubles in the regime’s policy towards all the reform process in Egypt, pointing out that the detentions do not target only the Muslim Brotherhood, but they target also any political power that may prove its presence in the political arena. Al Erian confirmed that any political force that shows a real presence will face the same fate.
Al Erian says that the Egyptian autocratic regime’s repressive actions, including transferring civilians to military tribunals, freezing assets, hunting laborers, denying them fair elections, and not laying down a timetable for introducing reforms, prove that Egypt is currently witnessing a setback in reforms, freedoms and human rights.
The MB leader ended his statements with indicating that president Mubarak’s proposed constitutional amendments serve only the political tyranny and ” the deep-rooted corruption ” to add more restriction on the Egyptians.

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