Al Erian: MB determined to participate in elections despite regime’s oppression

Al Erian: MB determined to participate in elections despite regime’s oppression

Al Erian: MB determined to participate in elections despite regime’s oppression

Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman, Dr. Essam Al Erian, insisted MB candidates will run for the November’s Shura elections to serve the Egyptian people and expose the regime’s true authoritarian nature

The Executive Bureau member stressed that boycotting the elections will provide the government with more power to continue its corrupt policies that rendered life for average Egyptians unbearable

Al Erian reaffirmed that the MB enjoys strong popular support, which became evident during the campaign and the warm reception MB candidates have been met with by their constituents

Al Erian asserted that the regime’s oppression of opposition candidates during the campaign proves to the world that the ruling party’s version of democracy is a mere deception. He pointed that even the government’s own emergency law, which should only be used in cases of terrorism and drug trafficking, is being illegally used and applied in full force against political opposition candidates and their supporters, especially the MB.

Al Erian stated that the Shura election is a prelude to the more significant upcoming Peoples’ Assembly and presidential elections, where the government will be unleashing even more oppression methods against opposition

The current measures practiced by security forces against MB candidates and their supporters in the form of arbitrary arrests and detentions in police stations, the thwarting of rallies and tearing dowm posters and banners, are a tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come during the upcoming parliamentary elections

Al Erian warned that boycotting any elections would eventually highten the state of passive indifference among the public. He added that the alienation of the people is a sign that the country is unstable and on the verge of collapse, which can only be avoided through active political activism, and encouraging people to vote in elections and participate in the decision-making process of their country’s future

Al Erian ascertained that there is still hope for a real political reform through meaningful participation in the elections. He urged the public to shoulder their national duty and prevent fraud by going to the ballot boxes. He stressed that the way to fight corruption is through the participation in the Shura Council elections, adding that it is an opportunity for political forces to energize the people and expose the practices of the NDP opportunists who have taken advantage of the deepening negativity and indifference among the people