Al Flahat: We Are Against Zarkawi’s Way of Thinking.

“The Jordanian regime escalated its unjust campaign against the Ikhwan” Jordanian MB chairman, Al Flahat, said in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, adding “At a time when Jordan experiences a plethora of challenges either from Israel or the terrorists due to the spread of extremism, or according to the government itself, the Iranian challenges, the government adds fuel to fire by stepping up its campaign against the Jordanian national movement especially against Muslim Brotherhood”

On the causes of this escalation Flahat said it is unjustifiable, adding “it is the government should answer this question, as the movement hasn’t committed anything justifying this escalation”

Al Flahat said that the government sought to cash in on the visits paid by a galaxy of political tendencies along with four MPs to Zarqawi ’s family to extend their condolence for his death, but the government ignored the other political affiliations and singled out the MPs belonging to the Islamic Action Party under the pretext that they paid attribute to the one who perpetrated the Amman bombings . Flahat said that the visit was paid out of humanitarian and social motives rather than ideological ones, especially that the group has always condemned the bombings and Zariqawi ’s targeting of civilians.

On whether there is a relationship between the ideology of the Jordanian MB and that of Zarqawi, Al Flahat said that the Jordanian MB’s ideology is that of the MB anywhere in the world, which was founded by Hassan el Banna and Hassan el Hodaiby to the effect that we are against accusing anyone of blasphemy or kofr, an ideology adopted by Zarqawi . Nor do we agree on the targeting of civilians ” While we are with resisting the occupation, we see that even this must be done in accordance with a clear political vision ” Flahat said.

On rumors which had it that the Islamic Action MPs threatened to resign in protest if their fellow members have been unseated from the parliament, Flahat said that this matter is under study and “I don’t believe that the Jordanian Parliament would resort to such a step, maybe it is merely a media-directed campaign”

AL Flahat affirmed that what happened to the four MPs instigated anger at the public and international level, citing the Human Rights Watch report which condemned the government’s position toward the Islamic Action Front, in addition to a massive popular rally was also held to condemn the detention of the four deputies.

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