Al-Ghannouchi: Change In Arab Countries Needs National Equation Leading Change Movement

Al-Ghannouchi: Change In Arab Countries Needs National Equation Leading Change Movement

Rashid Al-Ghannouchi (head of Tunisian Renaissance Movement) said in an interview with Ikhwanweb that the change in Arab countries needs a national equation that leads the change movement and reflects the civil society and the political bloc, in a party including all political forces, with a public view that moves towards change, which is not found in any Arab country at present.

Al-Ghannouchi explained the difference between Arab regimes and the rest of other existing regimes in the Islamic world, since the change in a country such as Pakistan was supported by abroad, adding that Musharraf was a  paper that had consumed by the West, but at the same time it provided appropriate alternative .


He pointed out that if the alternative is Al-Qadi Hussain (Chief of Pakistani Islamic Group) this change in Pakistan would not happen, and it may happen but it will cost much more prices. However, the change in Pakistan was achieved because the strategic line which Musharraf’s alternative follows, is the same line that was followed in the war on terror.

He stressed on the importance of not overlooking an important factor in the change that has occurred in
Pakistan, which is the external factor that became active in the past 20 years, especially in Eastern Europe countries. While Arab countries are controlled by many equations such as oil, the geographic factor and Israel, Islam remains the recommended alternative which was examined in Palestine, Algeria and Tunisia in the late eighties when the democratic transformation introduced a direction that went along with the Islamic trend.


This is exactly like what is happening in Egypt where Muslim Brotherhood is considered the most important alternative, adding that this does not mean that change is a western will.