Al-Ghanoshi: Closing Ranks With Opposition Is Priority

Tunisian Al Nahda (Renaissance) Islamic movement wrapped up its eighth conference by reelecting Rashid Al-Ghanoshi to lead the movement for a next term.
Observers see the eighth conference of Al- Nahda (Renaissance) Movement as an important stop in the movement’s history. Large number of its members in exile had gathered in the conference which was marked by a clear brotherly spirit and ended with transparent election to choose a new leader.
Asked about the most important outcomes of the conference, Rashid Al-Ghanoshi, chairman of the movement, told Ikhwanweb:” The eighth conference is held outside our homeland, Tunis , because of the unique conditions facing the Movement and Tunisians in general in the form of the tyrant regime’s autocratic grip over the whole country .
Al-Ghanoshi pointed out that the most important results of the conference- the highest body in Al Nahda movement- included laying down the movement’s strategy for the coming four years and focusing on the joint action with the opposition mainly the October 18th Movement that includes six parties across the political spectrum.
Al Nahda’s relected leader added that the conference considered the movement’s key task during the coming four years as comprising the democratic change and seeking a full national reconciliation in the country, includig the regime, opposition and all Tunisian political and societal powers.
The method to be adopted for this reconciliation, Al-Ghanoshi confirmed, is the peaceful popular pressure and seizing every opportunity to hold a dialogue and negotiation with authorities. Al Nahda chairman called on leaders in exile to care for Tunisian emigrants, contributing to the Islamic Da’wa “mission”. This is because Al Nahda sees as an important priority the joint work among opposition powers to reach a reconciliation and a democratic change in the country”, He said.
Al-Ghanoshi shed light on some problems facing Tunis like the current economic problems, specially unemployment, saying:” This problem can be solved by the regime. We are exercising pressure on the regime to curb the current wide-spread corruption and unemployment, specially unemployment amon university graduates. We give support to pro-unemployed movements and we always support of union movement defending worker’s rights. We also highlighted the relation with anti- globalization powers.”
Regarding the conference’s demands, Al-Ghanoshi said:” The Tunisian regime hasn’t shown any indication of paying attention to any of the demands of the secular or Islamic opposition. Thus, the only solution is that all opposition powers close ranks to pressure on the regime to curb this corrupt totalitarian policy.”
At the end of the conference, a Shura (consultation) council and chairman for the movement were elected.

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