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  • January 5, 2007
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Al-Hashemi: Saddam’s Trial Sectarian-motivated, Execution Scandalous

Mr. Tarek Al Hashemi, the Iraqi vice-president and chairman of the Iraqi Islamic Party, confirmed that he condemns the politically-motivated and sectarian-based trial of the ex- Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, because it is a suspicious trial that was held during suspicious times.

” Some people report that the execution decree was signed and accuses Al- Hashemi of things he didn’t do or say” Al-Hashemi said in a statement to Ikhwanweb, confirming that the execution issue wasn’t proposed to the Presidential Board and that Al- Hashemi and the leadership of the Iraqi Islamic Party unanimously refuse to sign such an execution order because “it is a suspicious trial that was held during a suspicious time and they don’t want to be witnesses on such a politically-motivated sectarian-based and fake trial.

Al-Hashemi pointed out that:” The sectarianism of the court appeared through the slogans chanted by the executioners, to show that the execution was a real scandal and to prove to how extent the security services are infiltrated by the militiamen.

He added that ” The execution made some people start to sigh out of relief because the main witness has been buried while the names, deals and secrets remained secret”.

Al-Hashemi addressed the government that adopts the policy of double standards saying:” It is time to send leaders hit, terrorism, torture displacing groups and officials backing them to justice. The Iraqi people keeps its right in holding any official accountable whatever his post is.
:” Is it fair to give a blind eye to these post-invasion hideous massacres committed against Iraqis while sending to justice only those who committed them before the invasion?!” ijusticcontent with that that he accepted ?!”, wondered the Iraqi Vice-President, stressing that the trial acquits the members of the national Islamic resistance affiliated to various groups, of reports of some slanderers who tried to show the ruler as resister.

The IIP leader added that the resistance’s response to slanderers is: Those who resist occupation for the sake of leaders, leaders, but those who resist for the sake of Allah, then Allah is everlasting and doesn’t die.

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