• Iraq
  • February 3, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

Al- Hashemi Demands Al- Maliki Take Urgent Measures to Stop Baghdad Security Deterioration

Vice-president Tarek Al Hashemi, demanded Prime Minister, Nouri Al-Maliki, the General Commander of the Armed Forces and General Caesy to take urgent security measures in order to protect innocent civilians from the ongoing car bombs, mortars and killings in addition to kidnapping and killing scientists and intellectuals as was the case with law professors in Al-Nahrein University days ago, not to mention the fighting that took place north of Najaf .

Al-Hashemi is following up with great concern the significant deterioration of security situations in several districts in Baghdad and demands an immediate application of the security plan” said a statement issued by Al-Hashemi’s office.

The statement confirmed that:” The current situations require a change in the old method adopted in managing the security file; new methods should be adopted to curb the phenomena of violence.”

The statement pointed that Al- Hashemi realizes that the life is unbearable in some districts of Baghdad, especially in Aazamiya, Al-Adl and Amil and others because these districts are continuously hit by mortar shells, something that requires around the clock air guard observation by helicopters in order to curb killers and criminals who are currently operating without any deterrence in the regions neighboring the stated districts.

Also, Mr. Al-Hashemi appreciated the heroic work done by the medical staff in Al Numan hospital and he decided to reward them for their great efforts, urging them to continue their distinguished performance to end people’s suffering.

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