• January 28, 2008
  • 1 minute read

Al Jazeera Reporter in Trouble Again With Egyptian Authorities

Payback? after a year of her first arbitrary arrest by the Egyptian police Howaida Taha, Aljazeera reporter, is on the verge of commemorating last year’s drama with the same hosts. The Egyptian police arrested her this morning in Embaba district where she was shooting a program. Despite the approval she obtained from the Egyptian Censorship Authority, police claimed it was not notified in advance of the shooting and arrested her. Until now, Howaida is still in custody in Embaba police station.

Howaida was arrested last year in Egypt after shooting the documentary “Behind the sun” about torture in Egypt and aired on Aljazeera. Egptian authorities have been since then keeping a close eye on her. Howaida is also highly critical of the Egyptian regime repressive policies and practices in her regular columns published in the London-based pan-Arab daily newspaper Al-Quds Al Arabi“