Al Katatni Accuses Egyptian Gov’t of Deception Over Injured Palestinians

Al Katatni Accuses Egyptian Gov’t of Deception Over Injured Palestinians


Mohamed Saad Al Katatni, head of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary

bloc,  accused the Egyptian government of deceiving members of parliament when the Minister of Information  Anas Al Feqi claimed the government ordered all injured Palestinians who sought medical care in Egypt to be teated in local hospitals. Al Katatni clarified that Egyptian hospitals put many restrictions on the number of wounded Palestinians who sought medical care and only received 38 out of more than 300 cases. Al Katatni added that hospitals also rejected wounded Palestinians who were injured before last week’s military assault on Gaza.



Al Katatni also said that Egyptian hospitals refused to perform surgeries for many admitted Palestinians patients which resulted in death of several critically wounded patients, and the number is even expected to rise in the comming days. This proves, according to Katatni, that the government did not only deceive MPs but it is also responsible for the death of wounded Palestinians who  sought medical treatment here.


“The massacres committed by the Israeli Occupation Forces against civilians in Gaza raised the ire of the Egyptian people who are more outraged by the government’s cold treatment with these civilians who were injured during the Israeli aggressions”, said Al Katatni in a statement to Ikhwanweb. Because it deceived people and MPs, he called on the People’s Assembly to hold the government accountable.


He said that the Minister of Information said proudly in front of the joint meeting of the House’s Committees of Arab and Foreign Affairs that the government has moved to rescue the Palestinians injured, that the government decided to allow those injured in Gaza to be hospitalized in Egyptian hospitals and that it will offer all required kinds of aid to them. However, contrary to these promises, the government dealt with them coldheartedly as if they came Egypt to die.


Al Katatni called on government to define its role in this and to allow humanitarian aid agencies to rescue these patients after it-the government- failed in doing so. He also called on the government to establish field hospitals to receive and treat the injured, and to improve its image after it was distorted due to this attitude towards the injured in Gaza through immediately sending medical and other kinds of aid to Gaza Strip.


“The government must prove that it shows sympathy with the plagued Palestinians, through opening Rafah Crossing”, he said.