Al Katatni in Egyptian House Delegation Meeting EP

Al Katatni in Egyptian House Delegation Meeting EP

Dr. Mohamed Saad Al Katatni, the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc in the People”s Assembly, took part on Saturday, Feb, 9th, in the People”s Assembly delegation meeting another delegation of the European Parliament (EP) during the latter”s visit to Cairo .

The EP delegations visit is a part of a Middle East tour to discuss Mideast peace issues and the latest developments in the region.

Dr. Al Katatani and Mohamed Mostafa Sherdi represent opposition in the Egyptian parliament in the delegation that included also House Speaker Dr. Fathi Sorour, Dr. Mostafa Al- Fiqi, engineer Ahmed Ezz, Saad Al-Gammal, plus a number of other members of parliament affiliated top the ruling National Democratic party (NDP).

Dr. Al Katatni declared that the delegation of the European parliaments, up to 30 MPs, are members in a Paris-based European society that cares for security and peace especially in the Middle East . The MB bloc leader downplayed the importance of the meeting and considered it a ceremonial meeting.

Regarding the agenda of the meeting, he said that it is mainly based on discussing peace and security in the Middle East and it will never discuss the human rights situation in Egypt .

Al Katatni said that the European delegation presented its views regarding what is currently taking place in the Middle East and it was flagrantly showing sympathy with the Israeli Occupation powers (IOP). It even saw that the IOP are a victim to the Palestinian violence, claims which the Egyptian delegation protested. Al Katatni said that both majority and opposition MPs in the Egyptian delegation voiced their condemnation to what is taking place in Palestine pointing out that the IOF carries out aggressions against the Palestinians, kills Palestinian children and demolishes Palestinian houses to build illegal settlements on occupied territories, plus its latest totally immoral and inhumane blockade to Gaza Strip leaving many deaths. The Egyptian MPs said also that Hamas is only resisting and reacting to the aggressions and crimes committed by the Israeli Occupation Forces against the Palestinian people.

He also added that the European delegation demanded clearing education curriculum and media releases of any material that incite to hating Israel . This made House Speaker, Fathi Sorour, say that the Egyptian education curriculum and media releases contain nothing against Israel , but the media is free to do whatever they want to say because it is a reflection of people”s views.

Although there is a treaty between Egypt and Israel but there is a clear that Arab peoples, including the Egyptians, hate Israel and don”t accept its actions and attitudes.