Al Katatny Elected President Of The MB Parliamentary Bloc

Amidst heavy media presence, the MB parliamentary bloc (88 MPs) held its first elections ever to choose members of its administrative office.

The voting process occurred in a highly organized fashion and was a reflection of the true democratic nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. All 88 Muslim Brotherhood members of parliament voted in the free and open elections. Votes were casted in transparent boxes and were monitored by large number of fellow independents MPs. The final results were as follows,

1- Dr. Saad el Katatny, won the majority of the votes, 53 votes, and was formally elected to head the Parliamentary Bloc.  Mr. Hussain Mohamed finished distant second with only 15 votes

2- Mr. Hussian Mohamed was elected Vice President of the Bloc by 59 votes, leading Dr. Mohamed al Beltagi,, who trailed by 55 votes

The second phase of the elections are underway to choose nine remaining members of the Administrative office, among them will be the Bloc General Secretary and the spokesperson. 

In addition, the Bloc members will also vote to choose four members (out of the nine) to represent the rest of MPs, in the Bloc’s administrative office, who where divided into four main groups according to the geographical distribution of their constituencies.

The Bloc has earlier invited Dr. Ahmed Soror, Parliament Speaker (NDP) to attend the voting process, however, Dr. Soror not only turned down the invitation, but also prevented media personnel from covering the event.