AL Khoudary calls upon a prompt International intervention

AL Khoudary calls upon a prompt International intervention

Chairman of Popular Committee Against Siege (PCAS), MP Jamal N. El Khoudary, called today to open crossings for Gaza Patients, especially for the civilians who injured due to Israeli criminal Military operation carried out in east of Gaza today morning.

Chairman requested that all patients to be freed to travel for treatment to save their lives. This call came after a very drastic military operation carried out in Gaza by Occupation, that left 17 dead and tens wounded.

“Gaza Strip has become very disastrous zone and it”s the time for a prompt International intervention.” El Khoudary said.

He referred that Gaza”s hospitals and clinics suffer from severe shortage of medical machines, medications and instruments. Chairman warned that the recent health crisis is growing rapidly and hospitals are not able to meet medical needs for people especially after the military operation today.

” People are dying rapidly, about 70 patients have died due to Israeli procedures. Tens of sorts of medicines are not available now, therefore more victims will be dying in the couple days and weeks.

AL Khoudary called upon a prompt intervention from International Ngo”s working in health, relief and human fields. He asserted that Palestinians in Gaza are in bad need for any help from the world in time Israeli is killing and collectively punishing them.

Popular Committee Against Siege(PCAS),
PCAS Manager,
Sam AK
Gaza – Palestine
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