Al-Mabhouh a permanent thorn in Israel’s side.

Al-Mabhouh a permanent thorn in Israel’s side.

Al-Mabhouh’s name now rings throughout the Arab world. All his life Mahmoud al-Mabhouh lived under the radar, and all that was heard about him and his movements were whispers. However according to Dubai Police Chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim following his death al-Mabhouh has been transformed into an Islamic national hero, a Palestinian icon whose biography is known by everybody, especially the emerging generation of Palestinians. The logical conclusion of this is that other Mahmoud al-Mabhouh’s are being recruited and prepared as a result of his heroic reputation which was cemented by his assassination at the hands of Israeli intelligence. I am almost certain that the “limited” success achieved by the Zionist intelligence apparatus in assassinating al-Mabhouh represents just one battle in a fierce war, and it does not seem that Israel will achieve a genuine victory in this war


This information has caused many observers, including Dubai Police Chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim, to wonder how Hamas could allow al-Mabhouh to travel alone


It is true that Hamas are not lax with regards to providing protection to their leading cadres, and therefore as a result of this observers believe that al-Mabhouh traveled alone in order to avoid drawing attention to himself, in the same manner that Hamas has deliberately implemented a degree of secrecy and deception in the movement of their second tier cadres, for example through the use of pseudonyms. This is especially relevant since the Hamas military cadres have become subject to investigation, imprisonment, and occasionally torture at the hands of some Arab countries that do not accept the strengthening role of the Hamas movement on the Palestinian arena, which is something that comes at the expense of the weakening role of the Palestinian Authority, or these Arab countries just do not accept Hamas’s relationship with Iran


Israeli intelligence tried to cover up their crime by recruiting a large number of elements from the Kidon department, which is the Mossad department that specializes in carrying out assassinations.


What many observers have failed to understand is how the Israelis failed to benefit from witnessing the quick manner in which the UAE authorities uncovered details of the murder of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim in Dubai. Why were the Israelis not aware of the developments in the security technology utilized in Dubai, especially the surveillance cameras


 Even though the Mossad agents were successful in avoiding the surveillance cameras in the corridor leading to al-Mabhouh’s room, the Israelis – either in ignorance or taken by surprise by the UAE security capabilities – were not aware that surveillance cameras were monitoring the majority of locations throughout Dubai and documenting their movements from their arrival in the country to their departure


Today the number of al-Mabhouh clones is on the rise thanks to Israeli arrogance and the Israeli contempt for their enemies