Al Mansoura: Thugs Storm Free Union Elections With Swords And Knives

Al Mansoura: Thugs Storm Free Union Elections With Swords And Knives

Mansoura University students were surprised today October 22, by a number of thugs attacked the headquarters of the free union elections in the faculties of engineering, medicine, veterinary and human medicine.

The thugs were allowed to enter from outside the university by the University Guards who let them smashing the electoral headquarters in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and they also tore the signs of nomination and broke the polls, which was not enough for them as they attacked the students standing by the polls, by using broken glass, knives and swords.

They also attacked two students with knife, which led to their suffering from deep wounds, the two students are: Khaled Sweilam, who was wounded in his shoulder which led to 10 stitches for treatment, and the other is Mohamed Fathi, who suffered from a head cut.

After the battle, the students transferred the wounded ones to the university student hospital for treatment and records.

In response to these events, MB students organized a stand protest inside the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; in which they called the dean of the faculty to take revenge from those thugs and the university guards, but no one has listen or respond to them.

MB students in Mansoura University announced, earlier, the organization of parallel elections to choose the free union, as students call. Media spokesman of MB students stated: “The elections going on today came as a response to what the University witnessed of the forgery of the elections and the security attacks, to the extent of abducting a number of students by the security, and detaining them in the headquarters of the state security and some police stations during the official period of the faculties” unions elections in the university, which led MB students to call the rest students to participate in representing a fair electoral situation which is called the Free Union.”

The nomination of the free union elections started last Sunday, October 19, for all university students, and the primary lists were announced in the next day while the final lists were announced the day before yesterday, and then the electoral propaganda, on the condition that the vote is today and the results will be tomorrow, but under these conditions the students will announce the results at the end of the day.