Al-Masri: No Political Rows Inside Hamas

Mushir Al Masri denies any internal conflict in Hamas over platform, slams appointing Dahlan as national security advisor.
MP Mushir Al Masri, the secretary-general of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc, affiliated to Hamas, downplayed news reported in some Palestinian political and media arenas, that there are snowballing signs of mutiny inside Hamas, because of the attitude towards the national unity government, and its declared political platform.
Al-Masri considered these reports as” a psychological projection from some of Hamas critics who make up these reports only during their dreams”.
Al-Masri confirmed that what Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar, Foreign Minister in the former cabinet, said, reflects the strategic viewpoint of the movement.
Al-Masri added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:” I confirm that there is no political disagreement inside Hamas; the movement’s attitude towards the national unity government is clear: that the government platform comprises tenets commonly accepted by all Palestinians; as for Hamas program, it is crystal clear in its charter; what Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahar said in the Legislative Council, while voting on the government, was said in the context of illustrating the movement’s strategic attitude; what is currently approved is a temporary phase because it represents what all Palestinian factions approved”.
“Talking about any disagreement inside Hamas is closer to expressing illusions and dreams; it may be a reality that others witness in their organizations and want to project on our group. Hamas has been used to face such rumors for many years, but this only increased our unity and solidity” added Al-Masri.
Regarding President Abu Mazen’s decision of appointing Mohammad Dahlan as his advisor for national security, Al-Masri said:” Although we respect the president’s decision, but we do not welcome choosing Mohammad Dahlan in person, because his schemes and plots had effects on the Palestinian arena and the inter-Palestinian fight, and I think that he isn’t welcomed, this is on the one hand”.
On the other hand, Al-Masri pointed out, “MP Dahlan shouldn’t hold two jobs: one legislative and the other is a security advisor”, indicating that that National Accord state is still overshadowing the Palestinian street.
Al-Masri confirmed that the Legislative Council’s bylaw” does not allow MP Dahlan to hold two jobs”, adding that:” Dahlan should either resign from the Legislative Council or leave any other post”, clarifying that the job of a member of parliament is attending the Legislative Council’s sessions and do this job only”.