• Lebanon
  • February 13, 2007
  • 5 minutes read

Al-Masri: We Condemn the Bombing, Syria Can Solve Lebanese Crisis

Commenting on the bombing that occurred in Beirut, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Masri, the UnderSecretary-General of the Islamic Group in Lebanon, said that although this spate of assassinations have been repeatedly committed during the past two years in Lebanon, but all cases have been recorded as “committed by unknown” .
Al-Masri added, in statements to Ikhwanweb that these terrorist operations haven’t been claimed by any body and no one has been accused of committing them and the doer is still free.
Al-Masri said that the Islamic group condemns this terrorist action and consider it as serving the enemies of Lebanon.
Al-Masri pointed out that the Lebanese investigating services stopped probing into these actions and left them to the International Investigation Committee whose final report hasn’t been issued yet; this case can be added to the other cases.
The Undersecretary-Geberal of the Islamic Group hinted at the timing; because the bombing took place one day before marking the anniversary of assassinating president Al Hariri and the 14 March powers called for holding huge public conference in Al-Hurriya Square in central Beirut .
Al-Masri added that this bombing specially at this time confirms that the only one to benefit from these explosions is the opposition groups; it is a clear message threatening all those who will participate on Wednesday in the conference of the 14 March powers that they will be killed.
Al-Masri confirmed that there is no any real indications that the current crisis between the opposition and the government; what proves this is that Arab League Secretary General, Mr. Amr Mousa was scheduled to return to Beirut after meeting the Syrian president and his Foreign Minister, but he didn’t do so, to show that the crisis is still deadlocked.
The solution of the current crisis is in the hands of Syria and Lebanese opponent that serves the Syrian agenda, he says.
It is worth mentioning that at least 12 persons were killed and about 20 others were injured in two bus explosions the area of Ainalek to the north-east of Beirut early Tuesday.

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