Al Masri :We Urge Egypt Not To Favour A Party At Expense of Justice

Mushir Al Masri :We Urge Egypt Not To Favour A Party At Expense of Justice

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Aboul Gheit decided to Egyptian diplomatic mission to Gaza moved to Ramallah in a step that raised eyebrows lest Egypt loses its role of controlling peace among parties in the Palestinian territories without favouring one party over others. Some have already accused Egypt of not being neutral and of undermining its role as a mediator between both Fatah and Hamas Movements during this trouble period there.
Mshir Al Masri, the official spokesman of the Hamas movement and a member of the Legislative Council, told Ikhwanweb:
“We knew these reports from the media. The government hasn’t been officially notified of it. I think that the Egyptians are free to do what they want. However, think the Arab governments are supposed to adopt a balanced and neutral stance towards all parties because this neutrality is to the interest of the Palestinians. Hamas movement approved the Arab-brokered fact-finding committee while the others rejected it lest their conspiracies and schemes are exposed. These conspiracies include trying to rig 2005 Palestinian elections that brought Hamas to power, killing preachers, clerics and imams in Gaza in addition to turning presidential headquarters into havens for kidnapping, torturing and cold blood executions. Consequently, we fear any thing we say. We demand Arab countries to be neutral till findings of the fact-finding committee surface to show their attitude according to them. We reject any bias towards any Palestinian party according to dictates from foreign powers which ordered president Abbas to stage a coup against the Palestinian legitimacy and form a mini cabinet which the Zionist and US governments quickly welcomed. These conspiracies have been first woven on the first day in which Hamas movement assumed power. They sought by any means to overturn the will of the Palestinian people throughout the past 1 1/2 years.
Asked about the best way to solve the current problem in Palestine, Al-Masri added:
We confirm that the only way is dialogue. Nevertheless, the entourage of president Abbas want eagerly to meet the Israelis while they reject with the same enthusiasm holding any dialogue with the Palestinian majority represented by Hamas movement. This is actually out of logic. Thus, we confirm that the aspirations of Abas-led team towards the US administration and the Zionist enemy are useless and his only option is to hold a dialogue with the Palestinian people. We confirm that ill-intentions of the plotting team in Fatah movement can be traced in all previous dialogues between both movements in Cairo and Mecca and in agreements that were signed in Gaza . This plotting team works for the personal interests of foreign powers. Peace will prevail when our people, especially in Gaza, get rid of these schemers and when we have a neutral third party to observe implementing agreements approved by Hamas and Fatah, especially the declaration of Mecca which wasn’t implemented except for the part related to establishing a national unity government without tackling any other provision in this declaration. Fatah Movement still have the chance to hold a political participation, but it doesn’t accept that Hamas movement assume power and it conspired with foreign powers to turn everything upside down to change the political map by any means even if it stages a military coup against the Palestinian government.
Maintain Blockade against Unity Gov’t as it is short lived: PA leaders to European ministers
Mushir Al Masri confirmed that the pressure on Hamas came during the past 1 1/2 years from both foreign and domestic parties:
It was more of a domestic conspiracy than a foreign one. There are leaders inside the Palestinian Authority who, after the national unity government was established, urged European Foreign Ministers not to lift the blockade on the national unity government claiming it will be short-lived. This proves that there was a systematic plot for staging a coup against the Palestinian election results and to return the Palestinian cause to the swamp of concessions and return to the security blockade of the Zionist enemy. What they have been targeting is the Hamas-led Palestinian resistance. This shows also that the problem is not between both Fatah and Hamas Movements but between a patriotic team that preserves national constants and defends rights and another team that wants to bargain and trade on the Palestinian cause and hands over all papers to the US administration and the Zionist enemy because it does not believe in resistance as a legitimate option for the Palestinian people.
Hussein Ibrahim, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, comments on the decision of transferring the diplomatic mission from Gaza to Ramallah, saying:
The Egyptian government should deal justly with all Palestinian parties and to hold good relations with both parties for Egyptian security interests. We hope it deals with Hamas in the same way it deals with the Palestinian Authority which has legitimacy like the Palestinian Legislative Council and Hamas-led government. We hope that the decisions of Arab League should take effect and more pressures should be exercized on president Mahmoud Abbas to make Fatah accept a fact-finding committee to know what really happened in Gaza . In the Egyptian parliament, we called on the Foreign Ministry to make the committee on Arab affairs convene to discuss this issue and so that the Foreign Ministry presents its attitude and discuss it quietly. We confirm our attitude that Egypt should remain in a good relation with all parties. Egypt ’s attitude is clear since the beginning a clear and we hope that both parties mend relations and that Egypt carries out its neutral role with both parties. This is because it is bigger than just a problem between Hamas and Fatah. The explosion of the situation in Gaza will not harm Gazans alone, but it will harm the Egyptian national security as much as borders are concerned. Therefore, Egypt should carry out its role of maintaining security in Palestine without showing bias towards one party at the expense of others. This is because both parties have legitimacy in Palestine , the Hamas-led government  and Mahmoud Abbas-led Palestinian Authority.
It is worth mentioning the current security chaos in Gaza was initiated by Dahlan’s scheming team that has been fighting the Palestinian peoples and has been initiating security deterioration whenever a dialogue between the Palestinian parties is launched to solve the situation on the ground. This scheming team has been controlling the security services, giving it the chance to undermine security whenever Hamas manages through negotiations to control it. Hamas managed to uproot this scheming team from Gaza , leading to this current tense atmosphere.
Observers say that dialogue is the only solution for restoring peace to Gaza . Instead of heading for the Zionists to hold talks with them, the Palestinian Authority should hold a dialogue with its Palestinian citizens to control the situation and restore peace to Gaza