Al-Qaddumi Supports Hamas in Its Refusal to Recognize Israel

Some Palestinian sources asserted yesterday that Faruq Al-Qaddumi the head of the Political Department of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the secretary of the Central Committee of Fateh Movement supports the stance of the government of Hamas that refuses to recognize Israel.

During his meeting with the Arab ambassadors to Tunisia, Al-Qaddumi praised the stance of the new Palestinian government that refuses to recognize Israel in spite of the international pressures. Al-Qaddumi called for the Arab and Islamic countries to provide the Palestinian people with instant aids in order to contribute in alleviating the severe siege. Also, he called for them to coordinate with the Palestinian leadership for exerting pressures on the European countries to continue their support to the Palestinian people.
Al-Qaddumi asserted that the request of the Israeli occupation that demands the new Palestinian government to recognize Israel is a strange matter; for not recognizing Israel is a natural matter, as long as it occupies the Palestinian lands and terrorizes the Palestinians daily. It is not possible to abandon this stance as long as the Israeli occupation continues its occupation, siege and closure policies, refuses to release the prisoners, and disclaims the agreements and accords.

Also, Al-Qaddumi discussed with the Arab ambassadors the deteriorative situations in the Palestinian lands in the light of the escalation of the occupation against the Palestinian people that may lead to more dangerous confrontations in general.