Al-Qaeda to Reward Assassins of Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood

Al-Qaeda to Reward Assassins of Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood

Abu Amr Al-Baghdadi, chief of the “Islamic State of Iraq” wing associated with Al-Qaeda Network, has launched war against the Iraqi Islamic Party (Muslim Brotherhood), presided by Tareq Al-Hashimi vice president of the Republic.


Al-Baghdadi said the Islamic Party is an agent against Islam for supporting the American occupation. Moreover, he allocated a big reward for whoever beheads one of the party”s chiefs whether a member of the PA, Shura, Political authority, or even top official at any governorate. He threatens of making the party members” murder lawful if they don”t repent and change orientation after granting them 15- days respite, as he said.


MP Abdul-Karim Al-Sameraey (leading figure within the Iraqi Islamic Party) stressed that such threats would never intimidate the party to abandon its Islamic and national project.


In a statement to AKI, Al-Sameraey said “such vicious threats will never intimidate the party to ignore the interests of the Iraqis or abandon the Islamic national project pursed by the party since its first engagement in politics”.


“The party will carry on with seeking a civilized state living in peaceful co-existence, unity, and national fraternity, seeking the same interests, and resisting all forms and means of terror” he added.


Al-Baghdadi has broadcast voice threats on the internet after lauding the “soldiers who give precedence to their religious duties over tribal affiliations and shoulder the Muslims” aspirations for living in Islam”s main land”, as he said referring indirectly to “Al-Sahawat” wing who battles against Al-Qaeda Network.


He added “God will never allow for the victory of the Magi trend and its new allies in the satanic party.”