Al-Quds: Israeli plan to banish 20,000 Jerusalemites

Al-Quds: Israeli plan to banish 20,000 Jerusalemites


The center revealed that the family of Mari Radayda was informed by the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) that they will be deported from their neighborhood of Ashqariya in Beit Hanina.The center explained that the IOA was trying to punish the family of Mari who was killed when he crashed a bulldozer he was driving into an Israeli police car and a public bus.

In the same context, the research and documentation department of Al-Quds center accused the IOA of pursuing the policy of ethnic cleansing by illegally transferring  large groups of Palestinian populations from their permanent residence on the pretext that they are not recognized by Israel as they do not possess the blue ID cards.The department added that the IOA, also follows the replacement policy  where it brings Israelis to live in Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian lands in place of the indigenous Palestinian people.

Al-Maqdsi foundation for social development asserted that the IOA notified the Palestinian citizens living in the Mahfouz apartment building which is composed of 32 apartments in Beit Hanina that their building will be demolished. The foundation confirmed that  the building is the home of at least 160 people, most of which are children.

In another incident, the Jerusalem Post newspaper reported that the Israeli municipal council in the holy city has in fact started  preparations for the demolition of dozens of Palestinian homes in the Silwan neighborhood.

The newspaper reported  that the head of the council Nir Barkat gave the preparation orders to his staff  in coordination with the Israeli police.

The Palestinians of the 1948 occupied lands strongly denounced the Israeli deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon for calling for their deportation  to the lands under the control of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Ayalon had stated in a press statement to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the Arabs in Israel would not lose anything if they joined the future Palestinian state.

The Arab lawmakers in the Knesset deplored such remarks stressing that the 1948 Palestinians are the original owners of the land and the Israelis who migrated from around the world are in fact  the ones who must leave Palestine.