Al-Shater: Dubious Forces in Desperate Endeavors to Fail Nascent Egypt Democracy

Al-Shater: Dubious Forces in Desperate Endeavors to Fail Nascent Egypt Democracy

During a press conference for the Islamic Legitimate Body for Rights and Reformation (ILBRR) in Egypt, Al-Shater, Vice-Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, said: "Certain forces are endeavoring to undermine the nascent democratic experience in Egypt and to replicate the tyrannical former regime with all its notorious despotism and repression. But Islamists will not allow the revolution to be stolen, or legitimacy to be hijacked.

"Several meetings have been monitored among domestic, regional and international parties conspiring to prolong unrest in Egypt, so as to besiege President Mohamed Morsi and keep the State without institutions."

Al-Shater holds that the dissolution of the democratically elected Egyptian parliament aimed to obstruct the work of the President as a prelude to ousting him.

"They tried to prolong the transitional phase under the rule of the Military Council (SCAF) so people lose faith in the ??revolution, and accept any solution on offer."

Al-Shater pointed that, "Remnants of the former regime seek to overthrow the legitimate regime by spreading chaos and mayhem and vandalism. Needless to say, there cannot be any revival or renaissance, nor investment and prosperity, without political stability.

"When we talk about building a homeland, it is not permissible for any one faction to impose its vision. Everyone has to participate."

Al-Shater further said, "We hear that Copts are participating in demonstrations against the President. We will not be dragged into side-battles or sectarian strife. Ultimately, Copts are our brothers and sisters, our partners in this one homeland."

He criticized repeated and persistent lying and misinformation by some media outlets, stressing that they were key partners for the promotion and support of the oppressive Mubarak regime and the protection of corruption, and completely ignored Muslim Brotherhood martyrs.