Al-Shater: MB calls for civil state based on Islamic references

Al-Shater: MB calls for civil state based on Islamic references

Khairat Al-Shater deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood explained that the group’s main objective is to peacefully establish a civil state based on Islamic references. During a seminar held in Alexandria Al-Shater called on Muslim scholars to propose a comprehensive platform which would help establish such a civil and progressive state.

He stated that the Brotherhood’s vigour is drawn from its moral and organizational elements stressing the MB depends  on its Shura Council in all its affairs.

Regarding the newly formed Freedom and Justice Party he confirmed that it was illogical to alter the group’s principles for the sake of its new political party adding that discussions are currently under way to separate the party financially and administratively from the group.

Declaring that the Brotherhood will become more open in the near future, Al-Shater added that internal regulations will be revised as part of its development.

Asked about the elections Al-Shater confirmed the group will not field a candidate for the presidential elections and regarding the parliamentary poll he noted that the MB will participate however has not determined how many nominees are to bid for seats. Adding the Shura Council is still to decide and that former statements as to the number of candidates are merely assumptions.

Al- Shater asserted that for sure Egypt is facing a new and welcome era ahead and the MB are proud to be participants in the shaping of Egypt’s future after the former deposed regime had exercised the most extreme form of repression against the group. He said that Mubarak’s ousted and corrupt regime had formerly restricted severely the activities in the public arena stating that in the year 2000 alone, 9000 companies belonging to the Brotherhood were closed down, and an estimated 35,000 Brotherhood members were arrested during the tyrannical Mubarak’s three decade reign.